On Wednesday,  5 April 2000 at 11:43:52 -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>>>      Also, as a general note to everyone, make sure you are building vinum
>>>      into the kernel directly and not using it as a kld, just to ensure that
>>>      it stays in sync with the kernel.
>>      Isn't this in direct conflict with the instructions given for
>> normally using vinum?  Is this a temporary change, until we get over
>> some of the current problems, or is this a more permanent change?
>>      Out of curiosity, is this your recommendation, or does Greg agree with it?
>     This is my personal recommendation - if you are messing around with
>     something that is under development or test, it is best to build it
>     into the kernel to avoid getting out of sync without knowing it.

Hmm.  I seem to have mislaid this thread.

I recommend using modules rather than to put vinum in the kernel.
Since I test this way, I also prefer you to do it that way, so that I
can't be sure there's some problem in the build process.

On the other hand, Matt is right: it's currently a pain to be sure
your kernel and the vinum module are in sync.  Given the problems
we're having, understand the issues and do whichever you prefer.

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