On different platforms with different graphics hardware, recent CURRENT
r 270386 shows a screen filled with question marks when booting,
impossible to check the status or make enter commands. The systems
don't boot into X11 graphical mode on systems were configured, they
freeze. Those freezes/crashes happen on dedicated GPUs (all nVidia with
nVidia BLOB). All systems use new vt in vga compat mode/textmode.

The question marks occur on all systems, with Intel HD2500/HD2000 iGPU
and on dedicated GPU hardware. Except of the nVidia BLOB, the freezing
box doesn't load any suspicous kernel (foreign) kernel module (like
vboxdrv.ko) at the time. 

I expect at least the vga textmode console in vt() working. Can the
inventor of this mess plaese revert the code to a working version?

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