On 25.08.2014 18:40, Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
>> Also, now FreeBSD 11.0 uses different first usable LBA. By default it is
>> 4k aligned. And this creates some incompatibility with older versions.
>> You can't do `gpart restore` and get the same table, as you had on older
>> system.
> It sounds restore is broken then. The restore command
> cannot ever assume anything about the GPT. Including
> the tool that created the GPT. In order to restore a
> GPT, it must be properly backed-up. The backup header
> and table should suffice most of the time for that
> purpose as it's a replica, but as soon as meta-data is
> missing and the restore command has to guess, things
> will go wrong.

`gpart restore` just uses a number of commands to geom_part(4) to create
partition table similar to what was backed up. If your partition table
on the old system had a partition that starts from LBA 34, now `gpart
create` isn't able to create such partition table. Because by default
the first usable LBA is 40.

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov
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