On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 09:33:46AM +0200, Andrzej Bialecki wrote:

> > Try buildworld on one machine and installworld on all of your production
> > boxes.. installworld only takes 10-20 minutes to run on my crappy IDE
> > disks.
> Yes, that's what I'm doing now - so far the best method. But still
> requires having N+1 boxes (which is not a concern for me, but for someone
> having e.g. 2 boxes in production this represents 1/3 increment), plus
> topology allowing for using NFS mounts.

Usually you can buildworld on one production machine in advance
and then schedule downtime for when you want to installworld. Then
we usually use rdist or rsync to do keep the rest of our production
machines in sync with this master machine. This procedure has worked
quite well for us since 2.something.

It also has the advantage that if something goes pear shaped during
the upgrade, you have other machines with exact copies of all the
binaries so you can restore the machine back to it's old state
without resorting to tape.


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