At 2:22 PM -0600 2000/4/25, Nate Williams wrote:

>  I consider you a very small minority.  A user who is not a developer,
>  but who could be a developer.  The amount of work it would take to
>  support your needs is way too much work, and it would only benefit <
>  1-2% of the user base.  Does this mean we don't care about all our
>  users?  Of course not, but when the same amount of time/effort can
>  positively effect > 50% of the user base, then it makes more sense to
>  spend the time more wisely.

        Not that I really want to be seen as being on the same side of 
the argument as Richard, but there is an issue I think you've ignored 
-- current versus potential future customers.

        When you look at current customers (at least, the ones that are 
vocal enough to express an opinion), you get the sorts of numbers you 
have expressed.  However, when you compare this against potential 
future customers, I think you could very quickly find that the people 
who currently appear to be the vocal majority instead find themselves 
to be a vocal minority.

        I see this as being the same sort of problem that is faced by the 
"Moral Majority" crowd.  IMO, they are neither moral nor a majority, 
but they are exceptionally vocal, and quite good at shouting down 
people who oppose them, and making sure that most of the real 
majority never even thinks of stepping into the debate simply because 
they don't want to have to deal with these bozos.

        Not that I want to equate the people who have taken the opposite 
view as being a "Moral Majority" or anything, just that there is a 
similar problem that I think has to be recognized, and we have to try 
to find some way to address it.

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