On 2014.09.01 20:51, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>>> And for the portsnap users?
>> In short, this change doesn't directly effect portsnap users.
> Sure about that?
I'm sure of it. Your issue is with the tree itself, not the tool used to fetch 

> Correct, take a 9.2 install disk, install it, portsnap and then install
> pkg on it...  Oh wait, you can't.. pkg_install is broken, and 9.2
> install disks don't have pkg in the BaseOS....
Use the ports tree tarball included, or fetch it (either during or after
installation). It is not impossible to get an old version of the ports tree
with only the 9.2 base system. I don't see how this is anything more than an
Also, 9.3 is out and the 9.2 EOL is not far away. Not sure why you would be
doing a new install with 9.2.
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