On 2014.09.01 21:39, Julian Elischer wrote:
> sigh..  when are we as a project, all going to learn that reality in 
> business is
> that you often need to install stuff that is old. Its not always your 
> choice.
> The custommers require it..
> You should try arguing with someone like Bank of Americas security and 
> operations
> department some day about whether they want to suddenly upgrade 300 
> machines
> for no real reason (from their perspective).
FreeBSD minor version upgrades are meant to be non-disruptive. However, I will
admit that I have not performed any such upgrades in a critical environment, so
if you think they are disruptive, please enlighten me with the details.
Also, there are options out there for getting support for extended periods if
you need it. Some companies are built around providing support for things that
the original developers have long abandoned because some businesses need it.
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