Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>> And for the portsnap users?
> In short, this change doesn't directly effect portsnap users.
Sure about that?
> Portsnap is a tool that used to obtain a copy of the ports tree.
try this:

portsnap fetch update && cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg && make install

If you *haven't* install pkg first...
> Portsnap is only one way, another way to get a copy of the ports tree is by
> using subversion and checking it out by using the svn command.
Not much good if you haven't installed svn already...
> pkg(8) is a package management tool, and to make use of most packages
> having a copy of the ports tree is not required.
Correct, take a 9.2 install disk, install it, portsnap and then install
pkg on it...  Oh wait, you can't.. pkg_install is broken, and 9.2
install disks don't have pkg in the BaseOS....

Michelle Sullivan

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