Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> On Sep 2, 2014, at 4:47, Michelle Sullivan <> wrote:
>> Marcus von Appen wrote:
>>> Alban Hertroys <>:
>>>> I can totally understand that at some point it starts to get
>>>> impossible to maintain two separate packaging systems and I understand
>>>> that you think 2 years is enough time to shake things out, but
>>>> software vendors aren't that quick. For many, 2 years is a short time.
>>> It also should be noted that everyone had enough time to raise those
>>> issues
>>> in the time between tthe announcement and now. No one did. Now that it is
>>> gone, they are brought up, while they should have been long time ago
>>> instead. It can't work that way.
>>> My 2 cents in this discussion :-).
>> Actually I brought it up as soon as I found the EOL was a deadline for
>> breaking pkg_* tools, was told, "too late now" - that was more than 2
>> weeks ago, less than 2 months ago (forget the date) ... I'm happy with
>> an EOL and working to upgrade everything, I'm not happy that the EOL was
>> not actually an EOL and it was actually a deadline.
> Hi Michelle,
>     One subtle point that I wanted to ask for clarification is you thought 
> the EOL announcement for pkg_install was going to be "pkg_install is no 
> longer going to be supported, but you can still use it", instead of 
> "pkg_install support is going to be removed from the tree" -- is that correct?
100% correct! (thank you for being one of the few to see the subtle but
*very* important difference)

>     You'd probably hate to do this, but forking the sources and changing from 
> portsnap to a git or svn backed ports tree that downloads a tarball snapshot 
> might be the best resolution to this issue now...

This is my only option - however, I suspect I'm already f**ked - my
build servers kicked off at 4am and the non pkg jails automatically
converted themselves to pkg.. the pkg jails obviously continued...
however I now have a repo that contains half pkg versions in the same
directory structure and indexes as the pkg_install structure...

Time to rebuild everything from scratch I think - second time in a
year.. I'm guessing my boss is going to tell me, use RPM, no wasting
more time on it... only time will tell... you'll know the result if you
see future posts and patches from me.


Michelle Sullivan

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