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| Mathieu Arnold wrote:
|> +--On 3 septembre 2014 16:36:29 +0200 Michelle Sullivan
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|> | Mathieu Arnold wrote:
|> |> I still don't see what you have to say about what EOL mean, it's *End
|> |> Of Life* meaning after, it is dead, and won't exist any more.
|> |> 
|> |>   
|> | Ahh so all those Windows XP servers are dead and don't work anymore...
|> Not at all, but you don't update them any more.
| Actually you do, but it does nothing... just like freebsd-update on any
| EOL release...
| Microsoft didn't release a patch that would change the base system so
| you can no longer install any software... They just stopped providing
| updates, then later stopped providing security updates.

You can still go and fetch/build software. You can't do it using the
FreeBSD App Store though.

Mathieu Arnold
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