On September 3, 2014 12:02:24 PM GMT-03:00, Boris Samorodov <b...@passap.ru> 
>28.08.2014 23:02, Craig Rodrigues пишет:
>> I did this:
>> make -DDB_FROM_SRC -DNO_ROOT installkernel DESTDIR=/tmp/test4
>> make -DDB_FROM_SRC -DNO_ROOT installworld DESTDIR=/tmp/test4
>> make -DDB_FROM_SRC -DNO_ROOT distribution DESTDIR=/tmp/test4
>> /tmp/test4/METALOG was created, but it did not seem to have
>> /boot/kernel/kernel or
>> any kernel modules.  Is that expected?
>For a new installation "installworld" should be done first (it creates
>the needed directory infrastructure). And then one may do

As I read from so much time ago to install first kernel, starting from which 
FreeBSD version I should change? 


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