On 09/04/14 09:15, Garrett Cooper wrote:
Hi Hans!

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 10:59 PM, Hans Ottevanger <h...@beastielabs.net> wrote:

Good to see that autofa has been MFC'd during my vacation 8-)

But I found a little problem...


Do I miss something, or is this a bug?

Can you please provide the output of `mount -p' from your server?

Sure, looks like this:

[root@soekris ~]# mount -p
/dev/ad0s1a             /                       ufs     rw         1 1
devfs                   /dev                    devfs   rw         0 0
/dev/ad0s1f             /home                   ufs     rw         2 2
/dev/ad0s1e             /usr                    ufs     rw         2 2
/dev/ad0s1d             /var                    ufs     rw         2 2

And as I mentioned, mounting manually succeeds.

Kind regards,

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