In r178450, you set the default of ddb_enable to NO:

r178450 | brooks | 2008-04-23 15:40:59 -0700 (Wed, 23 Apr 2008) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
   M /head/etc/defaults/rc.conf

Revert rev 1.332 and keep ddb scripts off by default for now.  Minidumps
are more flexable and much text-dump like output can be produced from
them so there's a good argument they are a better default.

Index: head/etc/defaults/rc.conf
--- head/etc/defaults/rc.conf    (revision 178449)
+++ head/etc/defaults/rc.conf    (revision 178450)
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
 apm_enable="NO"        # Set to YES to enable APM BIOS functions (or NO).
 apmd_enable="NO"    # Run apmd to handle APM event from userland.
 apmd_flags=""        # Flags to apmd (if enabled).
-ddb_enable="YES"    # Load ddb scripts at boot.
+ddb_enable="NO"        # Set to YES to load ddb scripts at boot.
 ddb_config="/etc/ddb.conf"    # ddb(8) config file.
 devd_enable="YES"     # Run devd, to trigger programs on device tree changes.
 devd_flags=""        # Additional flags for devd(8).

Do you think this is OK to enable by default now?
Developers who know what they are doing can turn it off in /etc/rc.conf.

For the average end-user, this is super useful, because
it loads the ddb rules in /etc/ddb.conf, which do
useful things like enable textdumps, show all the locks, show all the
locked vnodes,
and reboots the box.

This will allow end-users who have a problem in the field with FreeBSD,
and are not kernel debugging experts, to get a lot of useful diagnostic
info that can be reported back to developers on the mailing lists.

Right now, a lot of times, people take camera pictures of their screen at the
ddb prompt.  That's pretty painful. :)

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