I am using pkg 1.3.7.

I did the following as a regular user, not root:

rm -fr /tmp/package
cd /usr/src
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make  -DNO_ROOT -DDB_FROM_SRC  installworld DESTDIR=/tmp/package
make  -DNO_ROOT -DDB_FROM_SRC  installkernel DESTDIR=/tmp/package
make  -DNO_ROOT -DDB_FROM_SRC  distribution DESTDIR=/tmp/package

This created an installed world under /tmp/package

Then I did:

pkg -c /tmp/package install -y devel/kyua

I got:

pkg: chroot failed!

Then I tried the same command under sudo:

sudo pkg -c /tmp/package install -y devel/kyua

I got:

pkg: /var/db/pkg wrong user or group ownership (expected 0/0 versus actual

Is there a way to install packages into chroot without
being root?

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