On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 01:29:31PM -0400, Allan Jude wrote:
> Try periodically setting dev.em.0.debug=1
> it will dump a bunch of stats to syslog then set it self back to -1
> there are also a bunch of useful stats under:
> dev.em.0 including things like:
> dev.em.0.mbuf_alloc_fail
> dev.em.0.watchdog_timeouts
> dev.em.0.mac_stats.collision_count
> etc
> that might provide some insight.
> I have a box with 4x of the i210 (but that shows up as igb(4))
> I have one of the i217LM nics in this machine, but it is used for video
> production so it isn't running BSD at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I may have solved it just by ensuring my
kernel modules for vbox and cuse were in sync with the kernel.

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