On Sep 9, 2014, at 10:11, Allan Jude <allanj...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> On 2014-09-09 13:05, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I did a buildworld/installworld of current in a bhyve VM, and then did the
>> following.
>> pkg install devel/kyua
>> cd /usr/tests
>> kyua test
>> kyua report
>> kyua report-html
>> kyua report-junit
>> I then published the results in Jenkins:
>> The results are here:
>> https://jenkins.freebsd.org/jenkins/job/FreeBSD_HEAD-tests2/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/
>> There seem to be 31 test failures.  Can folks look into those
>> and see if the tests need to be fixed
>> Right now I ran these steps manually, but hopefully over time
>> we can automate more of this stuff.
> Most of the errors (jot, m4, sed, etc) seems to be:
> kyua-tap-tester: Configuration variables not supported; ignoring
> 'has.cleanup=false'
> kyua-tap-tester: Configuration variables not supported; ignoring
> 'unprivileged-user=tests’

Not quite…

> while everything else about the test was successful.

Hi Craig,
        Taking a stab at the issues, most of the problems are because of 
https://github.com/jmmv/kyua/issues/103 . The other issues with atf ( 
https://github.com/jmmv/atf/issues/8 ) and kyua ( 
https://github.com/jmmv/kyua/issues/109 ) are known (I’m sure about ATF, not 
100% sure about kyua, but my gut instinct says yes).

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