Hello Currents,

I grabbed FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-amd64-20140903-r270990-disc1.iso, burned
it to disk then booted from it. It boots up fine, and it goes through
the install routine fine. The problem is, after the install is finished,
when I try to boot the installed system, it gives me the option to
select 0 or 1. Whatever I select, I get a flashing cursor then nothing.
If I leave it at nothing eventually the bios asks what the problem is.

What am I doing wrong? The board is an Asus Z87-PRO and the disks are
Hitatchi 3TB drives. I'm trying to install to ad1, ad0 is a SSD. I've
tried ad0 ad2 and ad3 to no avail.

PC-BSD will install if the default options are chosen. It installs GRUB.
Ubuntu 14 and Mint 17 also install. I don't want pc-bsd because it
imposes zfs, all I need is freebsd with ufs and gconcat and also /var
and /tmp on the ssd.

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