Hi Jason,

This is really a -questions question, not a -current question.

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Jason Mitchell wrote:

> Does anyone know of a tutorial or more detailed instructions on how to use
> NAT and IP masquerading in 3.4?

"IP masquerading" is what the linux people call NAT. They are the same

> I can configure it so that it is running
> and working with IP firewall within the box no problem, but as far as
> dolling out local IPs to the rest of the workstations

Dynamic allocation of IP addresses to workstations doesn't have much to do
with NAT -- try hunting for information on dhcp or bootp. There are two
DHCP servers in the ports tree (net/isc-dhcp2 and net/wide-dhcp).

If I'm barking up the wrong tree, and you're actually talking about static
NAT maps, then see natd(8).

> or even building a
> natd.conf file, I'm lost.

You have read natd(8), right?

> The closest I've found is the tutorial at
> http://freebsd.peon.net, but that doesn't quite cover enough.

Try describing exactly what you're trying to achieve, rather than guessing
at components that might provide solutions -- then post the question to
the -questions list. There are lots of helpful people there that will give
you ideas.

Oh -- also, check out Dan's list of NAT articles at



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