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> Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:23:07 +0200
> From: Nick Hibma <n...@van-laarhoven.org>
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> Cc: Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>
> Subject: CDC-WDM driver (4G modems)
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> Folks, Hans-Petter,
> Is anyone aware of an effort to create support for QMI based 4G modems? The 
> following parts need to be implemented I think:
>         - CDC-WDM support
>         - Wrapper driver to access QMI devices as WDM?
>         - libqmi port to FreeBSD
> This would support any modem from Telit, Sierra Wireless, Option, etc. that 
> works with the Qualcomm chipsets. If you look in the cdc-wdm qmi driver in 
> Linux, it is a long list.
> I could not find any mention of FreeBSD and QMI on the same page, so I assume 
> no one is working on it.

Actually, I'm working on it. Base part has been done. Currently, just
adding more commands. But, I cannot release the code until 3 month
after the release of the product.

By the way, libqmi is just for QMI commands (controlling the modem).
Tx/Rx data packets go though PPP. That's because qualcomm refused to
release that part of information.

> Nick Hibma
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