Am 13.09.2014 um 09:04 schrieb jon.ruse:
> I was wondering how to apply to the gnu licensing and how to sign and
> commit to the licensing laws.. Would you mind telling me how to
> assign to one please?? And one other thing in the license of most gnu
> licensing they go on to mention the 'AS IS' commitment but I don't
> fully understand, as well could you give me five minutes of you busy
> time to explain please??

You just accept the GPL and act accordingly, there
is nothing to sign. If you violate the license rules
and somebody notices, you may be sued, though.

But you really should ask a project that uses the GPL!

The BSD projects use the much simpler BSD license for
all internally developed code, which in its 2-clause
form just requests that you do not remove the copyright
mark from any source files and that you distribute a
copy of the license with any binaries. And it excludes
warranties (in the "PROVIDED ... AS-IS" sentence), as
usual for such licenses.


> I do donate to the fsf donation station if that is anything meaning??

No it doesn't - donations do not affect what you are
allowed to do under the GPL.

Regards, STefan
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