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    Should really be a standalone package.

It's not exactly the same, but the lang/python2 port for example is a meta-port which creates
symlinks such as  /usr/local/bin/python2 -> python2.7.

So the precedent of having a metaport which creates symlinks is there.
What folks  have been complaining about in this thread is having symlinks
in the "base system directories" such as /bin.
Why do you care what people are complaining about?  Just make the port. :)

My personal feeling is that we should look at this on a case-by-case basis and allow these types
of ports, such as for /bin/bash but I'm sure others will disagree.

We already allow such ports, for example a bunch of kmods install into /boot/kernel or /boot/modules.

There are always exceptions to rules and for good reasons!

find . -name pkg-plist | xargs grep -A 3 '^@cwd /$'


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