On 09/15/14 22:51, O. Hartmann wrote:
Am Mon, 15 Sep 2014 17:39:26 -0700
Nathan Whitehorn <nwhiteh...@freebsd.org> schrieb:

On 09/15/14 17:36, Allan Jude wrote:
On 2014-09-15 20:05, O. Hartmann wrote:
Installing FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-amd64-20140903-r270990 on a Laptop works for 
fine. After I updated the sources to  r271649, recompiled world and kernel (as 
as installed), now I get stuck with the screen message:

FreeBSD EFI boot block
     Loader path: /boot/loader.efi

and nothing happens. After a couple of minutes, the system reboots.

What happened and how can this problem be solved?

You might need to update the boot1.efi file on the UEFI partition (small
FAT partition on the disk)

I am not sure how 'in sync' boot1.efi (on the fat partiton) and
loader.efi have to be.


boot1.efi is designed never to need updating. (It also hasn't changed
since April)

But it has changed bytesize when I recompiled world with recent sources 
compared to the
boot.efi size from the USB image I installed from (revision see above).

Probably compiler updates or something? I really wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd worry more about loader, since we know boot1 could use the console but loader doesn't show up.

How to update bootcode on UEFI layout? I created a GPT partition with type efi 
(1 GB) as
well as a 512KB partition typed freebsd-boot.

How did you set it up in the first place? If you have a FreeBSD-only system partition (like the installer sets up), you just dd /boot/boot1.efifat to the EFI partition. Otherwise, it's FAT and you copy /boot/boot1.efi to somewhere your boot manager can find it.

I'm new to EFI and the way the notebook now behaves is really strange. While 
the USB
drive image used to boot with new console enabled, it now boots again with the 
console and 800x640 resolution. This might indicate some minor but very 
effective mistake
I made.

The EFI boot block finds the first UFS partition -- on any disk -- and tries to boot from it. If you have multiple FreeBSD disks connected, that will very likely result in madness.
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