I am planning to enable daily head build logs of ports to current@. The
idea is that only new regressions will generate 1 mail with a list of
failures. This list will only include *new* failures. It will not nag
every day if some port is still broken.

This will only work well if the ports tree used is stable and not
causing the failures due to updates. We have a quarterly tree that is
similar to a stable branch that we update less often. I will use this
branch for the builds.

I will not enable the actual mails until it has been tested to ensure it
is not noisy and full of false-positives.

This should help capture userland build regressions that are missed due
to not exp-running changes in src. The caveat here is that the host
kernel these builds are going on will remain on the normal monthly
update cycle. This hopefully won't cause too many false-positives. I can
always disable them temporarily or permanently should there be noise. It
may be that this system will need to have its host auto updated daily as
well. I'd rather not get into a constant brick-and-fix cycle though.

Bryan Drewery
on behalf of portmgr@

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