There are a couple of similar issues currently.  The other one that comes to 
mind is that every X11 application that needs to use OpenGL (or similar) must 
open /dev/dri/{something}, but the default permissions only permit root.

The correct solution is probably to ship a devfs.conf that puts these devices 
in the a sensible group.  For USB printers, we should probably have a printers 
group and make cupsd run with that group (or set the GUI of cups and printers 
to the same number if that's too difficult).  


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> Soliciting help.
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> From my experience I think that cupsd executes backend tools with all uids and
> gids set to cups and no supplementary groups.  In the case of USB printers the
> backends need to access /dev/usbctl and /dev/usb/foobar that corresponds to a
> printer.  That means that the access to those devices must be somehow granted 
> to
> cups:cups.
> How do people solve this?  What kind of permissions / configuration do you 
> use?
> P.S.
> Maybe I over-generalized the issue to all USB printers.  My personal 
> experience
> is with an HP printer handled by hplip / hplip-plugin.
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> Andriy Gapon
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