I've been idly watching this thread and decided to check
a few numbers.... Is it truly worth pruning?

   I mirror the freebsd repository, mail archives, and
www site locally:

    size 1.9Gig.
    time 4:48min    about 2/5 gig per minute

   ie: it takes about 5 minutes for the update to run. Most of that
       time is due to the mediocre link I live behind.

   Internally, we maintain a CVS repository which we use cvsup to
backup (100T x-over direct between machines).

    size 57Gig   (no, that isn't a typo).
    time 41:36      about 1.3 gig per minute
   In the above case, the network is not the bottle-neck. We simply
can't read the data off the disk(s) fast enough (currently a
dpt raid, moving to amr with more than twice the performance).

   I guess I don't see why it's worth pruning. The network connection
in my case seems to be the bigger problem. Pruning the tree isn't
going to buy me anything. And, we lose information...



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