man make.conf states, that COPTFLAGS is used for building/compiling the kernel
(exclusively). The question arises: are kernel modules NOT kernel or are they 

The problem I face is that with optimization level -O3 loader.efi gets 
miscompiled and a
UEFI laptop stops/reject booting. To avoid other interference, I defined 
in /etc/src.conf accordingly, but leave CFLAGS?=-O3 in /etc/make.conf for 
compilation of
regular ports and the rest of the OS.

I can observe that with CFLAGS set, either in make.conf, or src.conf or mutual 
the CFLAGS is ALWAYS incorporated when kernel stuff like modules and even the 
is built! I consider this inconsitent, since loader.efi is definitely kernel 
stuff as well as modules.

It seems to me that it s not possible to separate cleanly CFLAGS and COPTFLAGS 
userland/ports and kernel-only related compilations as described in the man 

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