:   Today, we tried to create a 5Gig mfs. It turns out this is
:not such a good idea. It turns out that support is basically
:limited to an int. Extracts from some of the appropriate files
:show some of the problems...

    More then just a few.... MFS uses an mmap()'d segment, so you
    can't create an MFS partition larger then what a process can mmap()
    anyway.  The max is going to be around 2-3 GB.

    You should be able to create a large virtual VN device.  man
    vnconfig for more information - you have the choice of making it
    file-backed, swap-backed, or swap-backed with the swap pre-reserved.
    file-backed VN devices have a sector size of 512 bytes (which is 
    standard).  Swap-backed VN devices have a sector size of a page (4K on

    vnconfig up a VN device, disklabel it, and newfs away.  You can also
    turn softupdates on in the VN filesystem partitions.  I've tested VN
    all the way to a terrabyte - and just managed to newfs it before I ran
    out of swap :-)


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