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nVidia's BLOB from port x11/nvidia-driver seems to have problems in FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #2 r271869: Fri Sep 19 13:28:03 CEST 2014 amd64, on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540 laptop with CPU i5-4200M (Haswell) with integrated HD4600 Intel iGPU and
dedicated nVidia GT 740M (Optimus) working correctly.

Optimus is supposed to be full Intel graphics plus an Nvidia GPU.  The
extra GPU uses the same display memory and can be enabled to speed up
the Intel graphics or disabled for power saving.  I don't know if
versions where the Nvidia section is a full discrete video adapter that
can be used alone are still called "Optimus".

Some Optimus owners have reported being able to use the Intel drivers
after disabling the Nvidia GPU in the BIOS or UEFI.  If an option to
disable the Nvidia GPU is not present, some people have reported success with an xorg.conf that uses only the intel driver and ignores the Nvidia

Thanks Warren.

But this sounds even more frustrating now. I look around the web even at Lenovo's support forum. Many people report the GT 740M nVidia adaptor as a discrete adaptor with Optimus technology and everything sounds to me like it can be selected exclusively. What you describes is that I definitely need to use the HD4600 iGPU on FreeBSD in the first place
since the nVidia hardware is a kind of "appendix" to the HD4600.

Optimus started out that way, but they might use the same name now for models where the additional GPU is a full discrete adapter.

Anyway, I also tried to configure X11 as HD4600 only and X11 doesn't work properly: it doesn't even start up and loading the "intel" driver complains about a missing device - preceeded by a lot of /dev/dri errors. This indicates to me, in a naiv manner, that this HD4600 isn't recodnized by the kernel, either. I do not see any kind of vga0: entry in the kernel log when enabling "Integrated Graphics" only in the laptop's UEFI/Firmware.
When enabling "nVidia Optimus", a recognized vga0: device shows up.

Whoops, HD4600 is Haswell. The intel driver on FreeBSD does not support Haswell video yet.

Is there any kind of status update on Haswell? The wiki has the last update 11 months ago and it's becoming a major useability issue for the operating system.
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