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> Recently, I encountered a problem with -CURRENT on an ARM board (cubieboard2 
> to be precise). The problem was that the load average was above 2. Including 
> the fact that the board has 2 CPU cores, that's strange. Also, the network 
> throughput was way too slow: from 3 kilobytes per second earlier to 20..50 
> about now. 
> Here's a workaround for that:
> > sysctl kern.eventtimer.periodic=1
> With that, the network performance increased while LA decreased to a decent 
> 0.3..0.5.

I'm just started to experiment with cubieboard (1) as well.

I've also noticed poor network performance at first, however later
(without any tuning) it gave out 111 kBps. kern.eventtimer.periodic
doesn't seem to affect it.

I've also played with clocks a bit, and was able to increase CPU
rate 3x by configuring PLL1. I've experienced some instability later
(board doesn't always boot from USB, perl build fails), and now I'm
checking if reclocking was the cause.

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