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>> Yes, the src/tools/tools/kerninclude script first renames the include
>> and if the source file still compiles it declares a "no-read" and
>> leaves the #include intact.
>The thing that's screwed me up the most doing this sort of thing is 
>something like:
>  #include <net/if_tun.h>         /* For TUNS* ioctls */
>  ....
>  #ifdef TUNSIFMODE  
>    /* Make sure we're POINTOPOINT */
>    if (ID0ioctl(, TUNSIFMODE, &iff) < 0)
>      log_Printf(LogERROR, "bundle_Create: ioctl(TUNSIFMODE): %s\n",
>                 strerror(errno));
>  #endif
>hence the comments beside many of the includes in ppp.  I think the 
>only way to ensure something really can be removed is to compile with 
>& without and ensure that the resulting object is the same modulo 
>embedded compile dates.

If the MD5 over the generated object file changes after substituting an
empty file for the include, I consider it "used" by default, so that
case should be covered as well.

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