Am 22.09.2014 um 19:28 schrieb Tijl Coosemans:
> On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 14:09:54 +0200 Stefan Esser <> wrote:
>> Am 21.09.2014 um 18:39 schrieb Gyrd Thane Lange:
>>> Hi,
>>> Recent changes in keymap namning for syscons/vt to use shorter names
>>> has exposed a conflict with the value "no" both used as country code
>>> for Norway and as a default value indicating that no keymap is set.
>>> The attached patch proposes to use "" (empty string) as default value
>>> instead.
>> Hi Gyrd,
>> thank you for reporting the issue!
>> I have just committed a slightly different patch to -CURRENT and plan
>> to merge it to 10-STABLE in time for the next BETA.
>> You may want to check-out r271958 ...
>> The approach I have chosen it to let "NO" continue to stand for "do
>> not load any keymap", while "no" is now recognized as equivalent to
>> "no.kbd".
>> The new semantics of the keymap parameter in rc.conf are:
>>      keymap='' ==> do not load any keymap (unchanged)
>>      keymap=NO ==> do not load any keymap (unchanged)
>>      keymap=no ==> load Norwegian keymap  (new)
>> This may still catch people that have edited rc.conf to use "no" in
>> the meaning "no keymap" by accident, but I see no other approach that
>> better complies with POLA ...
> Maybe NONE.  It's already being used in a number of cases.

This was one of the alternatives, which I considered before the commit.

Reasons for my choice of "no" vs. "NO" (and not "NONE"):

1) NO is the default (in defaults/rc.conf) and may have found its way
   into individual rc.conf files. I wanted to preserve its meaning.

2) Tools like bsdconfig need to be made version aware and to use NO
   for releases before 10.1 and NONE for 10.1 and later.

IIRC, the use of NONE in rc.conf should be limited to cases that need
a value besides NO (e.g. in the case of sendmail_enable, where both
NO and NONE have special meaning).

If there are no strong arguments against the patch that I committed,
I'd like to MFC it to -STABLE.

But if there are better alternatives (and I do not think that "NONE"
is better, sorry), I'd like to hear about them in time for BETA3 ...

Regards, STefan
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