On 22 September 2014 12:20, John Baldwin <j...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On Friday, September 19, 2014 03:47:16 PM Warner Losh wrote:
>> I got rid of my pre-802.11 WaveLAN cards about 8 years go after not having
>> them in a system at all for 8 years. And they were about 4 years obsolete
>> when I took them out of service… I’m not even sure I have a machine with an
>> ISA slot to test the card, even if I still had it.
>> Sorry I can’t help more :)
> If no one tests them then I will happily toss the driver into the dustbin,
> just giving folks a chance to test patches before I do so.  (I'm secretly
> hoping I can purge several old drivers during the current round of timeout()
> purging.)

The wavelan/prism driver no longer works out of the box and hasn't
since I took over the net80211 stack.

TL;DR - some changes from sam and others a few years ago to do raw
802.11 frame transmit just doesn't work on all the wavelan cards that
are in use. I've asked for someone interested to go through the
changelog and back out those changes, making the driver again a
straight 802.3 transmit driver - but noone has. :(

So yes, you have a +1 to disconnect the wavelan driver from the build.

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