Bez├╝glich O. Hartmann's Nachricht vom 23.09.2014 14:16 (localtime):
> Modules and kernel are built when running "make buildkernel", but the other 
> contents
> of /boot/ aren't. How can I manually - and separately - build the loader,
> especially /boot/loader.efi?

Simply cd to src/sys/boot and do 'make clean && make && make
DESTDIR=/altroot', the latter only if you don't want to overwrite
curdev's /boot/ files.
For loader.efi only, it's enough to do 'make clean && make' in the
following directories:

From amd64/efi you can 'make install' to just copy loader.efi (or copy
manually from obj/$src/sys/boot/amd64/efi/loader.efi)

> I realized that building loader.efi with any kind of optimization beyond 
> debugging- or
> close-to-debugging level ends up in an unloadable loader.efi on Haswell CPUs 
> (IvyBridge
> and C2D seem to be unaffected). The system in question is the most recent 
> compiled with system's CLANG 3.4.1.

This is confirmed for CPUTYPE=core-avx2, see my recent post. My test
machine was haswell as well, but I haven't tested on anything else!


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