>       I'm seriously contemplating getting a Dell PowerEdge 2450 with 
> five internal 10kRPM/18GB disks, 2GB of RAM, two of the fastest 
> processors they've got, perhaps a pair of Intel EtherExpress Pro 100+ 
> NICs, and giving this another go with FreeBSD 4.0-STABLE.

I would consider 4.0, several (three or four) strings of LVD disks and 
either a Mylex eXtremeRAID 1100 (64MB or more) or an AMI MegaRAID 
Enterprise 1500.  (The 1600 should probably work too, but I haven't seen 
one yet so I can't be sure.)  And definitely softupdates.

Note that you can't put more than 8 disks into an array with the Mylex 
controller (easily), so you'd still want to use ccd or vinum over the top.

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