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> Hello,
> I am trying to track down a (deadlock?) issue in CURRENT via DDB. The kernel 
> does
> not complete hw probes on my Acer V5.
> I get stuck on apic_isr looping which leads nowhere.
> So I thought maybe things improve if I debug from another machine.
> What do you use for kernel debugging? According to the handbook kgdb over 
> serial
> is a good option, do you agree? I'm on a netbook with no ethernet and no 
> option
> for firewire: can I have a USB / nullmodem setup to work?
> I have no old-style uarts hardware anymore, as the handbook suggests...
> Any idea is welcome before I buy extra hw. I have a USB to serial showing up 
> as
> /dev/cuaU0, do I need to grab another one and a nullmodem cable or there are 
> better
> alternatives? Thank you.

There was some discussion recently about this on an internal list. 
Unfortunately no, there isn’t a usable way, but there were some interesting 
viable methods that came up (which haven’t been implemented): 

Your best bet, as others have noted, is to use boot -d, use WITNESS to spot 
locking issues, dtrace to isolate which section of code there are problems, and 
finally use one of the DEBUG options noted in /sys/conf/NOTES and 
/sys/<your-architecture>/conf/NOTES .

Hope that helps!

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