At 10:16 AM -0700 2000/4/27, Mike Smith wrote:

>  I would consider 4.0, several (three or four) strings of LVD disks and
>  either a Mylex eXtremeRAID 1100 (64MB or more) or an AMI MegaRAID
>  Enterprise 1500.  (The 1600 should probably work too, but I haven't seen
>  one yet so I can't be sure.)  And definitely softupdates.

        That would be for a spool server, but a news peering server 
shouldn't need that many disks.  I was planning on doing four 
10kRPM/18GB disks with a small RAID 0+1 partition for 
/usr/news/history (and a separate one for the /usr/news/spool), but 
four separate filesystems mounted under /usr/news/spool/news, and 
doing it all with vinum.

        I figure if I lose a single disk, 1/4 of the spool will be toast 
but /usr/news/history and /usr/news/spool will still be okay (albeit 
reduced in performance), and vinum should be quite fast enough for 
what will be asked of it.

>  Note that you can't put more than 8 disks into an array with the Mylex
>  controller (easily), so you'd still want to use ccd or vinum over the top.

        I'm doing that now on our news spool server, for similar reasons 
-- it can't make simultaneous use of more than five disks in a LUN, 
and can't do its own striping across LUNs.

        In fact, I'd be extremely interested to know if you can build a 
Mylex or AMI RAID configuration that is optimized for random read 
performance that can perform on the same sort of levels as the 1.8TB 
news spool server that Joe Greco built (and reported on in, the solid-state disk that Terry Kennedy has on 
his news peering server (and reported on in, or 
the news spool server I've built (and reported on in ;-).

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