I've been seeing the same issues with nscd not caching, but unfortunately your 
patch doesn't seem to change things, for better or worse.

My nsswitch.conf looks as follows:

group: cache files nis
hosts: cache files dns
networks: cache files
passwd: cache files nis
shells: files
services: cache files nis
protocols: cache files
rpc: cache files

When I start "nscd -n -s -t" and then run top in another shell, top takes ~10 
seconds to start up every time; if nscd did its thing, repeat invocations 
should be much faster. nscd doesn't seem to see any activity either, based on 
its log:

[elars@one: ~] sudo nscd -n -s -t
M1 from main: request agents registered successfully
M2 from cache: cache was successfully initialized
M2 from runtime environment: using socket /var/run/nscd
M2 from runtime environment: successfully initialized
M1 from main: working in single-threaded mode
<no further output>


On 2014-9-30, at 5:40, David Shane Holden <dpej...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> So, I've noticed nscd hasn't worked right for awhile now.  Since I
> upgraded to 10.0 it never seemed to cache properly but I never bothered
> to really dig into it until recently and here's what I've found.  In my
> environment I have nsswitch set to use caching and LDAP as such:
> group: files cache ldap
> passwd: files cache ldap
> The LDAP part works fine, but caching didn't on 10.0 for some reason.
> On my 9.2 machines it works as expected though.  What I've found is in
> usr.sbin/nscd/query.c
> struct query_state *
> init_query_state(int sockfd, size_t kevent_watermark, uid_t euid, gid_t
> egid)
> {
>  ...
>       memcpy(&retval->timeout, &s_configuration->query_timeout,
>               sizeof(struct timeval));
>  ...
> }
> s_configuration->query_timeout is an 'int' which is being memcpy'd into
> a 'struct timeval' causing it to grab other parts of the s_configuration
> struct along with the query_timeout value and polluting retval->timeout.
> In this case it appears to be grabbing s_configuration->threads_num and
> shoving that into timeout.tv_sec along with the query_timeout. This ends
> up confusing nscd later on (instead of being 8 it ends up being set to
> 34359738376) and breaks it's ability to cache.  I've attached a patch to
> set the retval->timeout properly and gets nscd working again.  I'm
> guessing gcc was handling this differently from clang which is why it
> wasn't a problem before 10.0.
> <nscd.patch>_______________________________________________
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