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sorry for cross-posting (I am not subscribed to x11@).

Same behavior for me (i5-3320M on a Thinkpad T430s w/ Optimus support) as
reported by Maurizio.

When boot switches to graphics from text mode, display remains black with
backlight on. I am running the experimental xorg-stack from which works
with an unmodified r272482 w/o problem (minus the Optimus, obviously).

No entry in Xorg.0.log. /var/log/messages only contains output from
consolekit, saying it waits for a native display on tty 9.

Please let me know if you want me to test anything further.



On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 7:02 PM, Konstantin Belousov <>

> Please find at the
> a patch which provides some updates to the i915 driver. At large, this
> is import of the batch of Linux commits, and as such, it is interesting
> mostly as attempt to restart the race to get us more up to date Linux code
> imported. It might provide some bug fixes, most likely for IvyBridge.
> Interesting from the development PoV is the update of the GEM i/o ioctl
> code path to mimic Linux code structure.
> I am asking _only_ for reports of regressions with the patch applied,
> comparing with the code which is currently in HEAD. I will not debug
> any existing bugs, my goal right now is to commit this update, which is
> needed for further work. I.e., only when you get an issue with the patch
> applied, but cannot reproduce the problem without the patch, please
> prepare a bug report.
> FYI, the driver will attach to haswell gfx, but I am not interested in
> reports about this (see above paragraph). On my test box, which is Core
> i7 4770S, the mode-setting and front-buffer rendering works, but Mesa
> immediately cause renderer to bug out.
> Work was sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation, both by time and hardware,
> and Intel provided access to the documentation.
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