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Networking wasn't an issue for me for years, but now, sitting on a pile of neat 
hardware of which FreeBSD can not make any serious use, let me rethink. 
Luckily, The
Lenovo laptops have a mini PCIe WiFi NIC - if I'm willing to follow FreeBSDs 
I'm able to swap the NIC with a piece of hardware that is supported. But it is

Unfortunately, many Lenovo laptops lock the BIOS down in such a way that
they won't boot without the NIC they were shipped with :(

Yes, I realized this very sadly today. Intel 6300 WiFi adapter isn't 
recognized, the crap
of Laptop rejects starting firmware and I get a message telling me using 
hardware. Last time I bought a Laptop from Lenovo!

Well, or a short list of approved Lenovo-branded cards.  In the past,
Lenovo (or IBM) has supplied Atheros cards.  The trick will be finding
that list and identifying the chipsets on each.  There are also
unofficial BIOS modifications to remove the limits.

There are lists, but they are outdated and newer chipsets aren't listed.

No, I mean each particular Thinkpad notebook has a list of allowed cards in the BIOS. However, it is not the same list for each model. So the trick is to find the list of approved cards for your particular model, and then figure out which of those is Atheros-based.
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