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>     (2)  Most devops engineers in web/mobile companies are familiar with
>            Linux.  Any differences between Linux and FreeBSD in
> command-line
>            utilities are not show-stoppers, but they are annoyances.
>            Anything FreeBSD could do to help people used to Linux would be
> a big
>            help.  Allan Jude even brought up my request to symlink
> /bin/bash (
> https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-ports/2014-September/095483.html
> ) :)

I presume that most of the relevant differences are for users / developers and 
not sysadmins?  It's worth noting that GNU coreutils, tar, bash, and a load of 
other things are in the ports repository.  I wonder if it's worth having a 
gnu-userland metaport, perhaps with something like the Solaris approach of 
sticking them all in a different tree so that you can just add that to the 
start of your PATH and have all of the GNU tools work by default.  


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