On Friday, 28 April 2000 at 18:49:08 +0200, Jesper Skriver wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is a vinum problem, or a problem with the sym
> driver, I hope someone is able to help us here.

It's difficult to tell from the backtrace.  The crash happens in the
sym driver, but it is interrupted out of Vinum.  I'd need to look at
the dump.

> db> trace
> sym_flush_comp_queue(c0d7b000,e,384,c0d7b000,ff806b68) at sym_flush_comp_queue+0x1c
> sym_flush_busy_queue(c0d7b000,e,c0d7b000,2,3610) at sym_flush_busy_queue+0x53
> sym_init(c0d7b000,1,c0235550,c0a61690,c0ec55ec) at sym_init+0xec
> sym_intr1(c0d7b000,ff806c04,c0210315,c0d7b000,48000040) at sym_intr1+0x119
> sym_intr(c0d7b000,48000040,c0210018,c0290010,ff800010) at sym_intr+0xb
> Xresume16() at Xresume16+0x38
> --- interrupt, eip = 0xc0225af8, esp = 0xff806be4, ebp = 0xff806c04 ---
> splx(c1070400,c0eb5fa0,cf,c610935c,c1043000) at splx+0x30
> freerq(c1043000,c610935c,c10a4020,c0e82000,c10a4020) at freerq+0x7e
> complete_rqe(c10a4020,c10a4020,c0e82000,c10a7c00,c0156986) at complete_rqe+0x59e
> bufdone(c10a4020,ff806f84,c01289f9,c10a4020,c0e82014) at bufdone+0x55
> biodone(c10a4020,c0e82014,c10a4020) at biodone+0xb
> dadone(c0e3a700,c10a7c00,0,0,ffffffff) at dadone+0x205
> camisr(c0274c30,0,c0211493,0,ff800018) at camisr+0x1eb
> swi_cambio(0,ff800018,10,ffff0010,ffffffff) at swi_cambio+0xd
> doreti_swi() at doreti_swi+0xf
>> From /var/log/messages:

Try to trim this more in future.

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