On 2014-10-24 12:23, d...@gmx.com wrote:
> d...@gmx.com wrote on 10/24/2014 04:09:
>> # freebsd-update install
>> Installing updates...install: ///usr/src/contrib/tzdata/zone1970.tab:
>> No such file or directory
>>   done.
>> #
> OK, maybe the install didn't fail, and the quirk is ignorable.
> However, in any case, freebsd-update shouldn't try to update anything in
> /usr/src.
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Do you have a src tree installed?

This error is usually caused by it trying to install the update to an
empty src tree, so the contrib/tzdata parent directory does not exist.

It is a minor problem with freebsd-update where it gets confused the odd
time a new file has to be added in a security update.

Allan Jude

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