Dear FreeBSD'ers

I cvsup'ed -CURRENT on 25 April at about 9 GMT. I succesfully made the
world apart from a couple of minor issues.

In the next few days, I installed some ports and, in, particular, the
linux_base-6.1 port; then I installed StarOffice5.1a (via ports).
Everything seemed to work properly.

I installed Acrobat Reader 4.05 (via ports) and then other ports (e.g.
Apsfilter (ie teTeX), lyx, textproc/docproj, ...) and I configured 

But when I issued "acroread4", the terminal spat out "ELF interpreter
/lib/ not found." The interpreter does exist in
/usr/compat/linux/lib/ --> and this is what
"file" says: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1, not

I issued a "ldconfig -r | grep ld-linux"  and, actually, I found
nothing. Then I issued a "ldconfig -m /usr/compat/linux/lib" and even
a "ldconfig -aout -m /usr/compat/linux/lib" (paranoia.) Now ldconfig
-r shows a bunch of /usr/compat/linux/lib libraries EXCEPT the one I
would have liked it to save among the hints. For some obscure (to me)
reason, it refuses to take (ie into

By the way, acroread is correctly brandelfed, since it was installed
after remaking the -CURRENT world. Just to be paranoidly safe, I
rebrandelfed it, and a diff with the .orig version (previously copied)
of course showed no difference.

What prevents ldconfig -m /usr/compat/linux/lib from doing its duty ?
What am I missing ?

Many thanks in advance and happy weekend,

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