Hey Vallo,

You can try to edit the libtool file in the kdelibs
directory to set deplibs="$deplibs -lc -lgcc" (around
line number 2600).

This will link the __eh_rtime_match.

I still get a nonworking khtm however.. :

  khtml (cache): CachedImage::ref()
  khtml (cache): Cache::notify()
  konqueror: KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 0
  konqueror: KCrash: Appname = 0x8073fb0 apppath = 0x0
  konqueror: Unable to start dr. konqi
  DCOP:  unregister 'konqueror'kio (KIOConnection): read
  kio (kioslave): slavewrapper: Communication with app lost.
  Returning to slave pool.

Any ideas?


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