I can't build a kernel after CVSUP'ing today.

After successfully completing a `make world', I tried
to build a kernel. Edited script below.

chapel-hill# cd /sys/i386/conf
chapel-hill# rm -rf ../../compile/GENERIC
chapel-hill# config GENERIC
WARNING: Old ISA driver compatability shims present.
Don't forget to do a ``make depend''
Kernel build directory is ../../compile/GENERIC
chapel-hill# cd ../../compile/GENERIC
chapel-hill# make -s depend all
./aicasm: 725 instructions used

[[ lots of warnings deleted ]]

../../kern/vfs_bio.c:2584: warning: no previous prototype for `biowait'

[[ more warnings deleted ]]

linking kernel
vfs_bio.o: In function `bread':
vfs_bio.o(.text+0x485): undefined reference to `bufwait'
vfs_bio.o: In function `breadn':
vfs_bio.o(.text+0x64f): undefined reference to `bufwait'
vfs_bio.o: In function `bwrite':
vfs_bio.o(.text+0x87e): undefined reference to `bufwait'
vfs_cluster.o: In function `cluster_read':
vfs_cluster.o(.text+0x481): undefined reference to `bufwait'
nfs_vnops.o: In function `nfs_writebp':
nfs_vnops.o(.text+0x11951): undefined reference to `bufwait'
ffs_inode.o(.text+0xc0c): more undefined references to `bufwait' follow
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/src/sys/compile/GENERIC.

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