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> Le 31/10/2014 22:50, Martin MATO a écrit :
>> Le 31/10/2014 22:23, Dag-Erling Smørgrav a écrit :
>>> Can you all please tell me which revision(s) you were running before you
>>> upgraded?  Something like "bzgrep 11.0-CURRENT /var/log/messages*"
>>> should do the trick.
>>> DES
>> Absolutely
>> here it is
>> /var/log/messages:Oct 31 12:11:05  kernel: FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #0 r273863: 
>> Thu Oct 30 16:55:16 CET 2014
>> ps: there is no filesystem corruption  (first thing i checked twice.)


> the is one thing i noticed:
> there is a new directory under /usr called "tests" containing several 
> directories and files
> maybe  something goes wrong in the 'make installworld' part ?

MK_TESTS has been yes by default for some time. This isn’t unexpected…

I did however fix a faux pas I accidentally introduced in r273803 in r273810, 
which may have resulted in more files being installed under /usr/tests .

> the timestamps are more or less when i tried to upgrade world.
> i'm reverting back to 273863 to see if i get a system functionnal.


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