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> Hello!


> I want to use NVidia Tesla K40 GPU for parallel computing.Does
> FreeBSD support such a hardware?

As O. Hartmann explained, we don't support GPGPU on NVIDIA hardware,
neither with the binary driver because NVIDIA doesn't provide any
libOpenCL.so for FreeBSD, nor with the FOSS driver because we don't have
the kernel video driver.

On the AMD front, GPGPU works with the open-source stack (libclc and
Clover, Mesa's libOpenCL.so), but the Clover port isn't committed yet.
We didn't have the time to polish it so far (only libclc is available in

Note that Clover is still a WIP. Here's a matrix of implemented and
missing features:

When I tried it with simple programs found on the Net, it worked.
However, I couldn't use it with graphics/darktable:
    1) Currently, the amount of memory reported by Clover is hard-coded
    2) darktable expects features not implemented

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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