Dear Jean-Sebastien,

just to chime in on one aspect I care about:

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> wrote:

> On 31.10.2014 17:46, John Dison wrote:
> > Hello!
> Hi!
> > I want to use NVidia Tesla K40 GPU for parallel computing.Does
> > FreeBSD support such a hardware?
> As O. Hartmann explained, we don't support GPGPU on NVIDIA hardware,
> neither with the binary driver because NVIDIA doesn't provide any
> for FreeBSD, nor with the FOSS driver because we don't have
> the kernel video driver.
> On the AMD front, GPGPU works with the open-source stack (libclc and
> Clover, Mesa's, but the Clover port isn't committed yet.
> We didn't have the time to polish it so far (only libclc is available in
> devel/libclc).
> Note that Clover is still a WIP. Here's a matrix of implemented and
> missing features:
> When I tried it with simple programs found on the Net, it worked.
> However, I couldn't use it with graphics/darktable:
>     1) Currently, the amount of memory reported by Clover is hard-coded
>     2) darktable expects features not implemented
IMHO, a very good and relevant test is clBLAS ( ). Anything HPC will require
these functions to work properly and (albeit computationally demanding)
they are well controllable for benchmarks (in terms of setup and memory

Coming from a HPC background, the next step would be something like MAGMA ( ) which uses clBLAS and
adds some LAPACK-style functionality to it. Again, well controllable and
computationally challenging.

I am happy to act as tester, btw.

Looking forward to this landing in BSD, thanks so much for your and all of
the graphics teams work!

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