Ports and Package users,

Ports now have SSP enabled by default. The package repository will now build SSP by default as well. SSP is "Stack Smashing Protection" and can be read about at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffer_overflow_protection.

This only applies to the head (/latest) packages, not the Quarterly branch packages. This applies to the ports checkout that portsnap uses.

WITHOUT_SSP can be defined in make.conf to not use this feature.

SSP will be used to build ports (with -fstack-protector) on all amd64 releases and i386 releases which are 10.0 or newer.

The "ssp" repository and "new_xorg" repositories will no longer be updated after 11/15 as they are no longer needed as both are default for ports now. Please update your repository configurations to now only track the /latest repository. This is the default from /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf. Remove any overrides from /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/ for the "ssp" or "new_xorg" repositories.

Bryan Drewery on behalf of portmgr
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