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> …
>> The NULLCLIENT feature should exactly be what you are looking for, no?
>> As written in the manpage:
>> ----
>> Bypass aliases and local delivery, and instead forward all mails to
>> the defined `SMARTHOST'.  `NULLCLIENT' requires `SMARTHOST' to be
>> set.
>> ----
> Doh… should try harder getting more sleep ;-)
> Sorry for the noise, seems indeed to be exactly what I was looking for.
> Can't explain why I missed that, thanks!

Ahh, now I can explain ;-)
It's the port's version (v0.9_1,1) which lacks this feature.
I saw on github that you added this functionality in February 2014, but
VERSION wasn't bumped since June 2013.
So I guess the port does checkout an outdated version?



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